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02/23/04 :

Jessica Biel  20 to 28
Alicia Calaway ( Survivor contestant ) 
1 to 3
Kirsten Dunst 
Jenna Elfman 
23 to 26
Nicole Kidman 
26  27
93 to 103
Mary-Louise Parker ( actress ) 
1 to 3
Sarah Jessica Parker 
134 to 144
Courtney Peldon ( actress ) 
Teri Polo 
10 to 12
Britney Spears 
64 to 70
Uma Thurman 
14  15
Morgan Webb 
2 to 6
Nikki Ziering 
36 to 38

Moran Atias  5
Alena Seredova 
20 to 24

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